Bricks Exploder


Lovers of classic games, be prepared to spend some long fantastic time playing a new game Bricks Exploder. The game is super entertaining and captivating. So go ahead!

The main purpose of Bricks Exploder is to burst blocks of bricks of one color, the bigger the blocks will be the greater number of points you will get. Remember that you can choose the number of colors 3, 4, 5 or even 6!

To make Bricks Exploder more interesting we have added different game modes: normal, continuous, shifter and mega shifter.
If you don't want the number of bricks to increase - so choose the Normal mode.
For a little bit more action select the Continuous mode. It means that as soon as you burst a column of bricks on the right, a new column on the left will appear immediately.
Choose Shift mode and you will find that every time that you burst a block of bricks, top bricks move down and from left to right.
And Mega Shift mode is for those who like even more action, more movements and more bricks.

* colorful game;
** 4 modes of playing;
*** 4 levels of difficulty.