Crazy Diving


Look around! What do you see?

Blue sky smoothly passing into azure water.
People. A lot of people everywhere, sitting and waiting for something. They all look like ants, they are so small... And those 5 with some numbers on the tables?? They are looking at... Oops! At you! They are looking at you! And who are you?

You are a Diver! No?! You are a Crazy Diver!
And this is challenging and exciting game Crazy Diving.
All that the Crazy Diver has to do is to jump into the water and get the highest score possible. Before jumping a player sees what kind of dive he or she has to perform, how many points a player has to score and the height of a cliff.
So headers, salto backwards and more extreme dives are guaranteed as well as strong addiction and willingness to play more and more.

*uncountable number of levels;
** exceptional design;
*** real challenge.