Castle Escape


Mysterious and enigmatic Castle with dark, cold and wet rooms full of cobwebs and nasty creepy-crawlies... This is the setting of a new game Castle Escape. Do you want to stay in this Castle forever? No? Then try to escape.

To escape from the Castle you have to pass 6 zones, in each of the zones you will find 20 levels to go through. How to do this?

A player should move a candle and reach the key trying to make as fewer moves as possible and thinking as fast as one can. The keys open the doors to the next level. Every zone hides its own mystery, its own insidious and dangerous obstacles. You have to be careful with halberds that will make you restart the level if you hit them, with chapped blocks that will break if you hit them several times, and with hidden blocks that will appear in the most unexpected places. For each completed level a player gets points. And remember that the next level won't open if you don't complete the previous one.

Escape from the Castle if you can ;)